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Cricket Betting Guide

Being one of the world’s most popular spectator sports, cricket were soon to also be one of the most sought after betting objects at the bookies. Many a fan likes to add some added excitement to an already tense event by putting some money on the line, and once you discover just how easy it is to place a cricket bet online you will be betting, cheering and hopefully winning in no time!

We have tried to create a complete cricket betting guide with our readers in mind, wanting to show you just how easy it is to create an account online, deposit funds and start betting. We will take you through all the necessary steps needed to get going with online cricket betting!

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Choosing a Cricket Betting Site

There are a few aspects in regards to picking an online sportsbook that you need to be aware of, as there are a huge number of such sites available online to choose from, and the reason is that not all of them are of the quality that you will be expecting or demanding!

We always suggest you ensure that any betting site you are considering becoming a new customer of holds a current and completely valid gambling license, and one that has been issued by a recognised gambling authority.

There are quite a number of sports betting sites that are not licensed nor regulated, and as such when you come across any betting site make sure you look out for licensing authorities logos displayed on that site and make sure you check whether they are linked through to the gambling licensing authorities website, and when these links are clicked on you should then find the full details of when the site was licensed and by whom!

If you opt to bet and gamble at an unlicensed betting site then you will have no come back should you run into any kind of problems with that site. So if a betting site is not licensed and regulated then never join up to such a site, and stick to betting only at sites which are licensed! There are plenty of good ones.

If you want more info on how to choose a good online sportsbook, go over to our page of recommended cricket betting sites ,and read our reviews of the top online bookmakers.

Receiving a Signup Bonus

dollar-signIf you have settled on a cricket betting site which is licensed then do keep in mind that as a new customer of that site you will often qualify for a new customer bonus, this is often given away as a free bet or a deposit type of bonus.

When hunting around and taking a note of just what each online sportsbook is giving away via their sign up bonuses and new customer promotions, it is vitally important that you study the small print of these bonuses, by reading through all of the terms and conditions of that bonus offer.

Every single bonus and free bet you are going to get offered will have a set of unique terms and conditions attached and these needs to be read through and fully understood before you accept them, and once you have decided on taking a bonus or free bet you need to follow these terms and conditions to the letter so as to not run the risk of having any winnings made with the free bet or bonus voided!

Below is an overview of the two most common promotions bookmakers have for new customers, and alongside both of them are a few hints and tips in regards to taking full advantage of them!

Free Bets – The most common promotion offered for new signups at an online sportsbook these days are the free bets. These are often matched by your first deposit or your first bet, so check how large big these go before you do anything as this can only be claimed once.

A sign of a good free bet bonus is – obviously – one that has a high value attached to it. Some sites will only give you a small modest free bet up to a maximum of £5 or £10, however do shop around as some betting sites will award you a free bet bonus worth much more than that!

Also when considering taking such a free bet make sure it is going to be awarded to you irrespective of whether your initial bet wins or loses, for when it is offered irrespective of whether your very first bet wins or loses then you can lock in a lot of additional value!

Finally be aware that many betting sites that offer you a free bet when you sign up and start to place wagers at their site will only give you the winning element of the bet if you happen to placed a winning free bet, and they will not include the free bet stake in your payout.

So do check this out for having a free bet worth £50 on a 2 to 1 paying bet will only see you getting paid back £100 and not £150 if this “stake not returned” rule is attached to their free bet!

Deposit Bonus – A small handful of online sports betting sites still offer something known as a deposit match bonus when you signup on their site and make your very first deposit. These were more frequent back in the day, and the bonuses used to be bigger as well.

This type of bonus is quite easy to understand: if the site is offering you, let’s say a 100% deposit match bonus up to £100, then if you deposit £100.00 they will add another £100 into your account thus you will have a betting bankroll of £200 in your account, a pretty big win right there.

However there will be strings attached to taking such a bonus, and one of the most commonly found rules in the term and conditions of these types of bonuses is something called a play through requirement.

This rule will state that you must place a certain number of bets up to a certain value before any winnings or the account balance held in your betting account can be withdrawn.

There are two possible sub rules attached to standard deposit match bonuses, one will state that you must play through just your bonus a certain number of times before a withdrawal can be made, and the second commonly found rule will state you need to play through your bonus amount and your initial deposited amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw anything from your account.

When you see a play through requirement of let’s say 5 times your bonus amount, this means that if you have claimed a deposit bonus of £100, you must place at least £500 ( 5 x £100 ) in bets (winning or losing one’s) before you can withdraw anything from your account.

So to conclude, the best type of deposit bonus you can receive are the ones that has a very low play through requirement, and those which just the bonus needs to be played through. Also the bigger value the deposit match is the better, so anything worth 100% or higher will offer you excellent value and plenty of winning opportunities!

Depositing at an Online Sportsbook

deposit-optionsHaving chosen a fully licensed and regulated betting site that takes your fancy, and if you have hunted down a great value new customer sign up bonus, then your next decision is going to be how you intend to fund your account.

It may actually surprise you to learn there are a huge number of different ways that you can fund your betting account online, and below we have compiled an overview of the many different ways you can do just that which you may finding interesting more so if you have never bet online before.

There are of course pros and cons of using any particular deposit method listed, and as such we would suggest you study all of those listed below for there will be at least one method that you personally find convenient and/or very cost effective!

Debit Card Deposits – The best way to fund any online betting site account is by using your bank debit card. It is an easy and swift process that instantly transfers the money from your bank account and adds them, in real time, to your betting account.

When you use this banking option there are usually no fees charged to you and you will often find getting paid any winnings you make back to your debit card and therefore your bank account is very quick and hassle free.

Credit Card Deposits – You need to be aware that whenever you use a credit card to fund any online betting account, you will be often charged a fee by the card issuer, for many credit card issuers look at gambling deposits as a cash advance and will charge you accordingly.

Also you may struggle to get some credit cards to be accepted at some betting sites, for many card issuers do not permit you to gamble in any way, shape or form with their cards. Also when depositing with a credit card you may find it is not possible to have your winnings credited back to that card, so will have to use another banking option to have your winnings paid back to you.

However, if none of these concerns you, you have yourself a winner. This method is often as easy as the debit card option and most times even swifter in the processing of the funds.

Pre Paid Voucher Deposits – There are two very commonly accepted pre paid vouchers, which a huge number of betting sites will let you use to fund your account. Examples of these are Ukash and PaySafeCard.

You will have to find a local shop or convenience store near to you to buy these vouchers from however you are never charged more than the face value of the voucher and are rarely charged any fees by the betting site for opting to use any of these two pre paid vouchers.

When you hand over your cash in the store to buy one of these two vouchers you will then be issued a voucher with which the amount you paid for it is printed along with a unique code. The amount of the voucher and the unique code simply needs to be entered into the banking interface and the voucher will be verified instantly and the face value of the voucher will then be credited to your betting site account in real time.

When using a pre paid voucher to fund a betting account, if you have a winning session and wish to cash out your winnings you will need to have some other banking method at hand to have your winnings paid back to you, for Ukash and PaySafeCard are only deposit options and not withdrawal options!

Web Wallet Deposits – A web wallet is an ideal way for anyone who gambles and likes to bet online to be able to keep their gambling funds and bankrolls safely and very securely in one easy to use online account.

There are a great number of different web wallets on offer some of which have been designed to be used mainly with online gambling and online betting accounts. If you fancy using a web wallet, which will allow you to bet at hundreds of different betting sites and will allow you to both deposit funds you hold in the web wallet into any betting account and also have winnings paid back to that web wallet, then do consider using Skrill or Neteller.

These two web wallets can also issue you with one of their own branded pre paid Visa or MasterCard’s and as such any money held in these two web wallets can be accessed by yourself via any ATM or any store that accepts the respective card.

It should be noted that some online bettors are able to use a PayPal account to gamble online, however some bettors cannot. It will all depend on just where it is you live or reside in the world as to whether PayPal let you use your web wallet account held with them to gamble online, so do check through their terms and conditions to find out if you are living or residing in a permitted country!

Money Transfer Deposits – If you find that you have no other available methods to deposit into a betting site other than using the services of Western Union or Money Gram or any other direct money transfer service, then you need to be aware that you are going to find this betting site banking option a very expensive option to use.

You will not only be charged a fee for sending the money to the betting site, but you will also need to contact the betting site to find out just who and where you are going to be sending the money transfer too, then wait for them to collect it and finally get it credited to your betting account.

You do need to be very wary of betting sites only offering this type of deposit option, as many fly by night and un-regulated betting sites offer just Western Union and/or Money Gram deposit options!

However there are some highly respected and fully licensed betting sites that do accept money transfers and as such if you do wish to bet and only have these two options available, and are prepared to put up with and pay those often high processing fees, then this is one option to consider, and you will also be able to withdraw your winnings via the same method as you depostied as well!

Bank Transfer Deposits – You will find several online betting sites who will allow you to make deposits via a direct bank transfer, and this can be a very low cost if not free way of sending money directly into any betting site account you hold online.

Be aware you will of course need to get the banking details of where you will be sending the cash too from the betting site, however the funds can often show up in your betting account quite quickly, it is all dependent on which country you live in and how long their bank transfers take. UK residents in particular have a great option for sending money from their bank accounts and this is known as the speedy payments service which sends money instantly.

When you have deposited money into any betting site using any type of banking option you will find most sites allow you to have your winnings paid back into your bank account via a bank transfer, checkout the banking pages of the betting sites where you are betting at for full details of any fees or payout times associated with making a withdrawal via a bank transfer.

Cheque/Check Deposits – If you find a betting site online that will allow you to fund your account using a Cheque/Check then be aware you are going to have to wait some length of time before you will be permitted to gamble with money deposited via this method.

It can take days or even weeks for a check to reach the gambling site and then work its way through the banking system and then finally finding those fund being credited to your betting account, and as such you really should only consider using this method if you have no other available banking options available!

Types of Cricket Bets

Now that we have money in our account that we can use to place some wagers, we would like to go over some of the bets that we find intriguing. Since there are quite a number of different betting opportunities that are available to you whenever a cricket match is about to go down, we are more than confident that somewhere in this listing of cricket related bets there will be several bet types that will take your fancy to as well!

Cricket Match Bets – There are a number of different match bets that you can place before a cricket match gets underway, the most popular type of wager in this category of cricket related betting opportunities is a straight forward match winner bet on which you simply have to pick the team you think is going to win the match.

There are several other types of bets you can place and these include who you think will win the toss. This is a 50-50 type of bet on which you will be hoping to predict who is going to be the team to win the opening coin toss to see who is going to be batting first or last as the case may be. Usually a sucker bet, but maybe you know something the bookies don’t?

You will also be able to pick which two players are going to have the highest opening partnership and also who you think will be the player to obtain the highest 1st 15 over’s. Be aware that the actual odds offered on these two bets are going to vary greatly depending on just which player or players you pick and select, so remember to double check your selection if you think the odds are too good to be true!

You are also able to place a bet on the team of top batsman, on whether one team or the other is going to score the most runs and many others.

Cricket Totals Betting Markets – You may be forgiven for thinking that the actual number of different bets you can place on any cricket match is endless! There are plenty of different bets to pick and choose from, and another very popular category of cricket bet is the total betting markets.

As the name of this type of betting market does indicate to place a successful bet and wager on this category of betting market you have to correctly predict just how many runs, sixes, fours or a whole array of different things will happen or be scored in any cricket match that you have chosen to bet on.

One bet that may just excite or interest you is a bet on which you have to correctly predict the number of runs in 1st over, as you know this could be any one of several different figures, and as such there can be some very large odds on offer if you do actually manage to predict the number of runs that will be scored!

You can also pick and name just which player is going to achieve the most sixes when playing in any cricket match, any player can be named as the person who is going to achieve this, and for the higher paying odds on offer it will be the lesser fancied players you should be looking to bet on, as you never know they may suddenly find form and start hitting those sixes!

Another very similar bet to the one above is the bet on which you simply have to pick which player is going to score the most fours, once again all players could be named by yourself at the player who is going to do this, however the most likely players to achieve this will often have quite restrictive odds attached to them so do shop around for the odds as they are going to vary from player to player and also from betting site to betting site!

Another bet that may be of interest to you in this totals betting market which is the one where you have to predict the total run outs. You will have to think long and hard before picking a figure, but if you are looking for an exotic and unusual type of bet then this one is certainly one for you to consider.

You can also place a wager on who you think will have the most run outs and also the most 1st over runs or you could possible place a wager on the 1st ball of match, the odds will vary as always on these three additional types of wagers, but they will certainly add a little extra interest to your viewing and viewing experience!

Cricket Wickets Betting Opportunities – For those of you out there who like to bet on different aspects of a cricket match then there are quite a number of wicket bets to be found on offer at many sports betting sites. A popular type of wager in this category and one on which some fairly good odds can be taken is the 1st wicket method. The bet involves exactly what it says – bet on the player you believe will take the 1st wicket.

For example you are able to place what is known as an alternative 1st wicket method and also place a wager on any teams fall of their 1st wicket. As you might suspect, these depend greatly on which team is batting first, so if you would like to wait after the coin toss to determine who you like to bet on, you can do so in the in-play betting market, but remember the odds will reflect this there.

Special Cricket Bets – If you are a fan of any one particular cricket player and think he is going to be playing to the top of his form in the next cricket match he is playing in, then how above placing what is known as a Man of the Match type bet? This is a straight forward type of special bet on which you simply have to name, before any cricket match gets underway, the one player who you think is going to be chosen as the man of the match, and as any player could be given this award then the odds on offer on each player are going to vary, so some high valued odds can be found on selected players!

Mobile Cricket Betting

In addition to a huge array of online betting sites you are going to find quite a number of brand new mobile betting sites becoming available to you. Fortunately a lot of these mobile betting sites are owned and operated by the most established online betting sites and as such you are able to log into them with your online betting sites username and password.

We would suggest if you have any type of Smart Phone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Tablet device then you download the App from your preferred betting site as by doing so you can then instantly launch the App and log into that betting site and take advantage of any up to the minute odds or cricket betting opportunities that take your fancy even when you are out and about!

In fact many betting sites that have now launched a betting App are giving away to new users of the Apps they offer a free bonus bet, and this can often be available to customers who already hold an online betting account with those sites, so a little extra value is offered by simply utilizing these betting Apps!

You can read more about mobile betting on our mobile betting page.

In-Play Cricket Betting Markets

As you now have the option of not only placing your wagers before a cricket match gets underway, but can also actually place wagers when a cricket match has started, then there is a whole world of new and exciting additional ways to bet on any single cricket match or cricket tournament that interests you.

In Play betting markets allow you to place a wager on a cricket match once the match has started, however when you are betting on such a market you need to be online or have access to your mobile betting accounts to be able to take advantage of the every fluctuating odds that will be offered to you.

As a cricket match is in full flow, then of course certain things are going to happen in regards to the number of Runs scored and the like, and this is going to instantly affect the odds on one side winning or losing.

However by placing wagers on a cricket match before it has started then additionally placing wagers on that very same match once it starts you could guarantee yourself a winning payout by hedging those bets placed before the match started!

There is no magical formula needed to hedge your bets via in play betting markets, just a full understanding of odds, and as such we can recommend that you spend some time taking a look at just what betting opportunities exist on an In Play betting market for once you get a good understanding of the way they work and operate, which will not take that long, a whole plethora of additional and often profitable wagering opportunities will be offered and made available to you!

However as mentioned when betting on any in play cricket betting market you need to react instantly to ensure the odds offered are taken by yourself!

Cricket Betting Strategy

When it comes to putting into play a sound cricket betting strategy then there are several things you need to consider. Our top three tips are these:

Use (and abuse) Bonuses – Firstly the additional of bonuses and free bets really is going to increase your winning chances quite dramatically, so never be afraid of swapping and changing the betting sites you are gambling at so as to allow you to mop up plenty of free bets and special promotional bonuses that are being offered from time to time. Another added positive of doing this is that the betting sites will offer you bonuses to come back to play if you have been away for awhile.

Finding the Best Odds – There is no trade secret in regards to just how you can secure the very best odds on whatever type of bet you wish to place on any single cricket match. You simply need to have access to the most up to date betting markets and be in a position to act quickly when you see any overpriced or generous odds offered on whatever aspect of a cricket match you are thinking of betting on.

One aspect of being a sports bettor that you need to always keep in mind is that as the odds on offer on any type of betting opportunity can very quickly change in value, then you will need to be able to act quickly and instantly to secure the odds you like, and this will mean you should try and sign up to as many betting sites as you can.

This may take a short while to do, however once you are a member of a number of different betting sites then when a set of odds get offered at any one of those betting sites that are way too good to miss out on you can snap them up quickly by logging into that site and placing that wager, without having to waste time registering and depositing!

Benefits of Early Cricket Betting Markets – Some of the larger and popular online sports betting sites will always open their cricket betting markets well in advance of those cricket tournaments and matches actually being scheduled to start. Whilst many spots bettors tend to wait until the very latest moments to place a bet you really should consider checking out the early prices offered on these types of betting markets.

In major cricket tournaments then when there are many different teams playing in those tournaments, the best odds on the overall tournament winner are going to be way higher on the early price betting markets than the odds offered when any single team wins match after match during the tournament.

So if you do have one cricket team that you religiously follow and that is also a team you like to bet on whenever they are taking part in any kind of cricket tournament, then do take advantage of the early prices offered on these betting markets for the odds are only going to reduce the later you place your wagers on your preferred teams when they start to win consecutive matches!

Other Quick Betting Tips
Any well thought out cricket betting strategy is going to have a basic yet strict money management system in place, so always know your limits when betting on cricket or in fact any sporting fixture and also have a set of winning goals and stop loss limits, and stake your bets accordingly.

Studying the form of any two teams and all of the player’s individual form is going to be all part of your cricket betting strategy, however it can also pay for you to diversify in regards to the actual types of wagers you place, for there are more bets on offer than just picking the winner of any one match!

Lookout for betting sites offering you consolation type bets and wagers for these will guarantee the maximum value from every bet you place on any cricket match, and by taking advantage of consolation bets you could see a losing bet being refunded to you!

And the final words will be: never ever gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose, and when you have had a winning session make sure you withdraw those winnings from your online betting account to remove them from temptations way!

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